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How much does play therapy typically cost?

The cost of play therapy varies dramatically depending upon geographical location, type of organization. Read more here.

What is group play therapy?

Group play therapy is similar to individual play therapy in many ways, but is different in that usually between 2 and 4 children spend their play therapy time together with one play therapist. Group play therapy provides children with the opportunity to learn and practice social skills in situations that are very similar to real life social situations.

Can I watch my child in play therapy?

Just as a counsellor who works with adults keeps the information shared in sessions confidential, your child's play therapist will keep the information from their sessions confidential (exceptions apply). However, he or she will meet with you periodically to discuss your child's play in general themes, hear your concerns, and talk about any questions you may have related to your child's progress in play therapy.

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8How much does play therapy typically cost?
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